Why coconut oil is good for hair growth?

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Coconut oil has some properties which is  good for your hair growth. As research showed coconut oil reduces protein loss of hair. Besides it is actually able to penetrate inside the hair shaft better than other oils. Also read second part of this article to find out about amazing product we found which helps to grow hair faster.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is very similar to hair proteins. And as a result of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain it is able to pass inside the hair follicles. Therefore it is able to prevent hair from breakage.

Also research showed that coconut oil remarkably reduced the protein loss in comparison with other oils. (In this research it was compared with mineral and sunflower oil). As a result study presented that people who used the hair care products containing coconut oil before and after washing their hair demonstrated significantly better results. It applies both to people with damaged hair and not.

How I met Africa’s Best Textures Coconut Growth Oil

Coconut Growth OilFew month ago I got a haircut, which I hated and all I was dreaming how to get my long hair back. My friend, who is Afro-American, by the way, suggested me amazing hair growth oil, she was already using for years. This how I found out about this amazing hair care product- Africa’s Best Textures Coconut Growth Oil.

First, I loved its light citrus smell and then the way it treated my hair. It worked miracles to my weak and dry hair. I had bleached them for many years.  After using this oil it is much easier to comb and detangle my hair after washing. I have been using it for about half year as a pre-wash oil treatment once a week. Also few drops after washing on damp hair. And I can really recommend it. I see my hair growing healthy from roots. Besides, the price is really affordable.

My friend’s black and curly hair it makes soft, but not heavy. It is easier to manage them and also Africa’s Best Textures Coconut Growth Oil adds shine to the hair.  On top of that, it makes our hair smell so good all day long. We both think it is definitely worth to give it a try.

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Coconut oil is good for hair growth. Check other our articles about how to choose hair care products and hair care tips you need to know about.

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