Ili Ola face and body mousse review

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iliola face and body mousseOur team is proud to present our first vegan cosmetics review. When you open a jar of Ili Ola face and body mousse it is like releasing little piece of nature. A wonderful lady created this product for herself and now it has been launched in production to serve the needs of others. We love to support small business. Especially if  it is for such an amazing product. Find out more on 
A real diamond among vegan products
Ili Ola face and body mousse consists just of 4 raw ingredients: SHEA BUTTER, COCOA BUTTER, COCONUT OIL and BAOBAB SEED OIL. Generally speaking, the mousse, when applied to the skin, imitates natural sebum due to its nutritional properties. As a result it very well affects the stimulation of skin self-regeneration processes and skin renewal. It’s a kind of biological dressing for weakened skin.
Use Ili Ola mousse for:
  • Body care to help your dry skin with the natural regeneration process.
  • As a lipid face, neck, cleavage and whole body cream for mature skin. The sebaceous glands lose their activity with age. The skin needs support in the form of natural lipids.
  • As an eyelid cream. The skin in this place is thin, gray, flabby and requires lipid care.
  • As a biological skin dressing after invasive procedures, such as chemical exfoliation, during anti-acne treatments. The skin then needs protection against the external environment and sealing the epidermis to be able to regenerate calmly.
  •  As a protective and caring cream for atopic, weak and irritated skin.
  •  As a cream for body and face massage, both professional and at home. Warmed up skin attracts mousse, and thanks to that it regenerates and gains shine.
This cream is a very safe cosmetic product. It does not contain allergens. So people suffering from various dermatological problems or struggling with skin tension during oncological treatment can use it. Therefore supporting skin care during illness. The cosmetic does not cure, but the cosmetic cares, and this mousse does it very well. The most amazing effect of it is firming the skin. The apparatus tests that were carried out at the cosmetics research institute showed that after 4 weeks regular use (once a day) dry skin becomes firmer by an average of 75%. The study was conducted on a group of women between 30 and 55 years old.
One of the ingredients is coconut oil.  Cocos Nucifera is obtained from coconut palm nuts. It consists primarily of unsaturated fatty acids, that leave a delicate fat layer on the skin. As a result, it prevents excessive evaporation of water from the epidermis, as well as smooths and tones the skin.
There are two products one is called NATURAL. The other ORIENTAL has a wonderful slightly sweet fragrance. You can buy these wonderful products on their site

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