How to Prevent Fish Oil Side Effects

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There are many benefits to be derived from fish oil, however no matter how many positive benefits there are, there can be possible side effects. Let’s see what are fish oil side effects.

Fish is high in protein and low in cholesterol and provides fatty Omega 3 acids. Our bodies cannot produce Omega 3s naturally so we have to get them from the foods we eat or from taking supplements.
The best way to obtain Omega 3 is from eating fish. It is recommended you eat a diet of fish such as mackerel, tuna, salmon at least 2-3 times per week. If you choose to take Omega 3 capsules to supplement its intake there can be some possible side effects.

Remember Omega 3 has many health benefits, however the dosage you take and your health conditions will determine if taking this supplement will be good for you. 
It is known to lower blood pressure so if you are taking blood pressure medication or suffer from low blood pressure you should be very cautious with your fish oil dosage.
Large doses of the supplement can lead to weight gain and if you are diabetic can also cause a rise in your blood sugar levels.
Large does can cause the stomach to loose its ability to absorb certain vitamins such as D, E and K.
A big worry with fish oil is the fish they are manufactured from. Most are manufactured from polluted fish that contain high degree of pollutants, mercury, dioxins and PCBs, therefore causing stomach upsets and diarrhea.
You do not have to worry too much about fish oil side effects if you take the correct dosage and known your health conditions. If you have any of the noted health problems make sure to check with your physician before taking any supplements.
Most important is the source from which you purchase your supplement, it should be one that is trusted to produce the best supplements available.
Make sure they use fish caught off the southern shores, where it has been reputed to have the cleanest, coldest waters, where the process is done on the fish to remove contaminants. A process known as molecular distillation so you know you are buying pure, supplement free of contaminant and you wont have to worry about repeating or the fish being rancid.
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