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[00:00:26] Lobbies for angels. Welcome back to my channel. I hope you do really really well. If you are new here then hell Hello. Make sure you hit the big red subscribe button down below. Hit the notification below and so you know every time I upload though is Monday Wednesday Saturday and Sunday all at 6 p.m. I try to remain. So. Follow me over my Instagram page. If you do an update from that. And. So this has lately been the most requested video I’ve had ever on my channel actually ever. And I’m so excited to be finally finally finally filming a few angels. So this is my hacker routine. I’m going to show you guys all the products that I’ve been loving at the moment how I style it and just how I keep it like this basically. So if you do want to know then please keep watching. So this video is really coming sponsored by such a lovely brand Coca-Cola and even I am so obsessed that I put out and the product is mainly why my hair looks like this. I’ve used a couple of times now and I literally cannot live without this product in my hair care routine and I’m not just saying that because I’m working with them on estate state is incredible. Absolutely amazing. So I’m going to be talking you guys step by step with what I do to my hair to make it like this and shiny and makes the.

[00:01:39] So when it comes to her I think no matter what your hair is like you should always use a mask. I have been a big believer of her masks for so long now. If you guys are saying my routine videos on my evening ones or if I’ve done a have before I always use a mask even when I’m in the show off the conditioner. I would use a mask conditioner instead of conditioner because I feel like it works a lot better for my hair and I’m just obsessive. So look at the packaging already. How. I don’t think so. This is the cake on a packaging obviously. I’ve used a couple of times now so we have conditioner in there. So this is the really keep brush that comes in the set and then it’s also conditioning. So I wash my hair every three to four days. I try and leave it for as long as I can and rely on dry shampoo but sometimes it’s not always the way. So for me I have got take pretensions which means the colors in my head personally last longer. So I try not to put as much heat on it.

[00:02:34] We’re trying to extend the days and not put as much heat on it but for the days when I do need to wash my hair. This is the step two step thing that I’ll do. So a lot of people with hair masks always do it in the shower shampoo their hair but I am asking for about 10 minutes and then went out for me. I like deep conditioning my hair. I’ll do that as well but I’ll also put a hair masking where my hair’s dry before I really honestly I feel like this has helped my have so much. I’ve done this for so long. So what I like to do is just brush my hair out put the hair mask into my hat brush it out and then get in a shower use shampoo and then use the same mask again if a conditioner and honestly the results will change the way that you handle it. It’s incredible. So the reason I am such a big fan of Coco and Eve is because the mask gives two key ingredients and they are raw virgin coconut and figs both nine for the head performance qualities and I 100 percent agree I didn’t really realize that they were like such key things for her until I realized until I realized to use them and honestly they’re incredible.

[00:03:40] I couldn’t live right now. I literally could decide this mosque is amazing because it is beneficial for all her time and also rejuvenate and revive the parched hair which means if you has damaged by stifling heat dyes and just the German environment really. So what they’ve done is they’ve made it into like a deep condition which makes your heart a lot healthier a lot stronger. And from the first time I use it on the day I could see a massive difference and I can’t even express how much I love this brother. So this moisturize is your hair without writing it down. And it also improves the texture and shine for silky and soft amazing hair but it doesn’t make it like completely silky to the point where if you start it it fall out you get my hair used to be like that all the time but it will keep the shine and sink to it and you can still styled it like you normally do and it just looks a lot healthier. So it’s the most beneficial product that I’ve seen on the market yet for hacker.

[00:04:32] And I honestly can’t recommend enough to you guys. So Kyra I need is 100 percent bigger and cruelty free. They contain no nasty lighting or carbon sulfate free all of that kind of stuff so they don’t contain sulfur. I mean there is not a free got up to that. So yeah it hasn’t got any nasty chemicals in it. It’s got two main ingredients. They make sure her super silky super soft super shiny and after one wash you can really really really see the difference in your hair. And I can 100 percent agree with that. I am so obsessed with this product. I love the whole concept about it and it also makes your hair amazing. So it’s like a win win situation. And I was like That was really cool. It’s so fast. Every product and icon even show you guys that has a hidden message at the bottom of the poor of this has a hidden message. If I can get out so wet from isn’t it and show so at the bottom has a hidden message and that message has a discount I don’t. So when you next buy another part you get discount kind of you like fun.

[00:05:34] How cool. I literally love it. Oh my God. It is so cute. Like is like statically pleasing. It’s really nice and I love it.

[00:05:45] So it is set you will get a free free towel good table brush which is the value of I think like 15 dollars so you get it for free. And the reason this is so good for your hair is because it’s not gonna pour any her out. It’s really really gentle and it works really well with the mouth so I brush my head with this and laugh at the masking and then I brush it again and then it’s amazing. And it’s also really easy to just wash the Moscow even though I haven’t done it yet today but I will do it later. It’s really easy to watch the Moscow and it’s really hard and study. It doesn’t hurt and it’s also pink and it’s pretty cute. So we win. So yeah. After I have used the mask on my hair and shampooed it out and then I condition my hair with the same off again. Then go out the shower the next thing that I like to do is use their little towel. Oh my God that Tao is so cute and I use this to draw my hair as much as I can. I have to blow dry my hair because I’ve got type symptoms in and if I don’t think it mattered so I have to blow dry my hair. But I want to protect my hair as much as I can. So in order to do that I like to use the L’Oreal LV dream length no haircut cream and this basically helps seal spends or reduces breakages. So it’s like a heat protector but you just pop it in your hand when your has wet damp and then I’ll put my hand and then I’ll blow dry my hair and then when it’s dry then I can go in and curl it.

[00:07:13] So the hydro I use is from cloud nine. It’s just standard hydro really. It’s nothing fancy but it’s just a nice cloud 9 one and it’s really really good. I highly recommend it. So each time I cut my hair I we use the Mark who two in one curling one so you can change the barrel on the end of the Mark Hill wand and I’ve got the thinnest but the longest one because I’ve got longer hair. It just works a lot better for me and I love the fact that it’s on a right angle because it makes it so much easier to do her with so much easier. So after I’ve done each section I put my hair into three different sections and then each side I’ll cut it three times if that makes sense. So after I’ve coded it away from my face I like to use the mark heel extreme freeze hold Hairspray after each section. Now this is such a good product. If you want to head or stay there they also brushes out really nicely. So what I like to do is call my whole hair spray this when I’m doing it and then also at the end and then I’ll get some clips you can get this primer literally anywhere. These are from mock Hill anyway from the set I go and then I’ll pop two clips in away from my face put my head behind my back do my makeup while the cowl is a sort of cooling down a little bit of after on my makeup.

[00:08:31] Then go back to my hair and brush it out at that point. The hair spray does it might clog up in your hair and it’s so easy to brush out but still keeps the hold there. So what I’ll do is I’ll brush it out afterwards after done my makeup and stuff and then I’ll go in with this smart cool product and I mean this is another product I could live without. This is the timing and humidity spray. So this ad showing was protecting from fees and fly away is this phrase. So there’s nothing that’s more annoying when you call your hair and then you brush it out and then it goes really frizzy and your like what do I do. You judge Instagram and then it goes a bit greasy and know just like oh this product would be your best friend. It’s literally like spray it smells amazing. It takes like two seconds to do and it lets you just gets a. Oh that’s all friends and the sauce. It’s like the matches or freeze that you don’t want after you brush your hair after having curls. So it’s such a good product. Don’t put it on your roof because it can make you have greasy but definitely put it in the end or anywhere your head is a little bit more frizzy than usual and you don’t really like it then. Yeah definitely this product. My mom was like I need this product it’s so good.

[00:09:41] And then the last product that I really like to use is this one from soap and glory and it’s called fresh hair supply. It’s basically showing mist. Now it’s like Superman in a bottle. It is a mess. If that makes sense. I mean he uses because one it smells amazing and also it doesn’t take long to do all I can do a couple of spreads each side. It smells amazing and it also just adds the extra shine to my hair without making it look greasy dirty in the roots again. Always just put it in the end. If it’s anything to do shine or anything like that because it will prevent it from Grace If the bottoms but yeah ever saw angels that is literally how I do my hair. Super super simple. The main Why. It’s really healthy. It’s like this is from the Coco and Eve like a virgin mask. It’s honestly so good. I will leave the link for it in the description but some below it so you can purchase it if you want to. Yeah I really really recommend I use it as conditionals. You don’t have to use it as a mask if you don’t like too much product in your hair. You can just use it as a condition which is what I do anyway. I do both but it’s completely up to you. Just play around with it and it’s gonna be such a good product and I can’t recommend it and now ideally everything actually be guys in need description books down below.

[00:10:54] And yeah. Thank you so much for watching and I would see my angel in my experience.

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