Can coconut oil help to get rid of cellulite?

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Can coconut oil help you to get rid of cellulite? Definitely! Almost every woman at some point of her life experience this problem. Read the article to find out what is cellulite and what you can do about it.

What is cellulite and why it appears?

Cellulite is esthetically problem on the skin, which is harmless. It mostly affect body parts as hips, thighs, buttocks and even stomach. Skin looks like uneven and dimpled. In simple words cellulite is fat cells built up underneath the skin.

What can you do?

The one of easiest ways is a topical treatments. There is bunch of different creams in the market that are promising to diminish appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin. These creams are intended to penetrate through the skin and reach the target fat tissue.

Another way to improve the appearance of the skin in cellulite affected areas are massages. As shown in the research  massage helps to reduce fluids and improve and increase lymphatic drainage, which result in cosmetically improvements. Definitely, it will give you better results if you combine both special cream and massage.

One big step to reduce the cellulite is loose the weight and strengthen muscles. Getting rid of extra kilograms have been one of most popular topics for decades. We also wrote an article about it. Check it out! Proper exercises can help to reduce fat, but would not make your dimpled skin disapear.

Last but definitely not least is diet. And this is where coconut oil can help you to get rid of cellulite. Coconut oil can help to increase your metabolism, as well as loose some weight. Also including coconut oil in your diet might give a boost to your HDL (High-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Which is considered as the “good” cholesterol, since it helps eliminate other forms of cholesterol from the bloodstream. Read about other heath benefits of coconut oil in our article. However, coconut oil consists 80-90% saturated fats. Therefore Harvard university experts would not recommend to  fully substitute other unsaturated  oils with just coconut oil. Occasionally cooking some Thai food or adding it to smoothies might be the best choice. Remember, well balanced diet must contain various products, like different oils.

All above mentioned tips will not make your cellulite disappear, however it might give you significant difference. Remember, healthy diet and optimal weigh is a key.

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